I love slip dresses!  And rightly so, I think.  There are so many reasons to love them (and so many reasons to wear them hehe).  I mean, if Kate Moss rocked them all the time, why wouldn’t you??  I’m so happy they’ve made a comeback.

I love how effortless they are.  You can just throw them on and go, and you’re guaranteed to look chic.  They are sexy without making you look like you’re trying too hard.  And you can literally “slip” into them, hence the name!

Slip Dress

Slip Dress

Given how easy they are to wear, they’ve been a staple in my closet this summer.  And most people too, it seems like!  I’ve seen slip dresses styled in so many different ways on Insta all summer long.  With pumps, sandals, wedges, slip-on’s, runners, leather jackets, dusters…you name it, which goes to show you just how versatile they are!  While most people associate slip dresses with summer (thanks to their thin, flowy material), their versatility makes them great for carrying into the fall.  So I just HAD TO include slip dresses in my Wear Now/Wear Later series.

Summer Slip Dress

Aritzia Christine Dress

Slip Dress

Their wearability in the summer goes without saying.  I’m wearing Christine Dress from Aritzia here (similar here and here).  I love the crinkled look of this dress and the midi-length is perfect.  It also comes in champagne and a gorgeous copper tone, and I want them all!!

Wear Now Wear Later 2.6

Wear Now Wear Later 2.7

For my “Wear Now”, I styled the dress with a pair of mules for an easy-going look.  I especially like these mules with this dress because of the contrast in colour and texture.  Slip dresses are quite simple, so the contrast elevates the look.

Layered Jewelry

Alexis Bittar Necklace

And instead of my usual layered necklaces, I chose a bold statement piece.  I know I’ve mentioned this before in one of my previous posts, but I’m obsessed with Lucite jewelry.  They are so great for any summer look, really, and this gold number worked well with the slip-on’s and my summer-fave Cult Gaia bag to bring together the entire look.


Zara Oversized Cardigan

Brixton Fedora

There are so many ways to wear slip dresses into the fall too!  Pair it with a leather jacket for an edgy look.  Layer it with a long sleeve turtle neck shirt for a girly look.  Or as I did here, wear it under a thick cardigan sweater for a cozy look.

Zara Oversized Cardigan

Brixton Fedora

If you can’t tell, I love playing around with different textures and mixing them.  It makes the overall look more interesting – you can add different elements to your style.  This chunky cardigan is super cozy, it just makes you wanna cuddle up in front of a fireplace, while the silky slip dress underneath adds a feminine touch.

Slip Dress

And I added this fedora to complete the look because I mean…every ‘it’ girl needs a fall fedora, right? 😉  On a side note, I love hats!  Caps, floppy hats, fedoras, beanies…I love them all!  I don’t wear them often because I have so much hair and my head gets really hot haha…but fun fact: apparently, I refused to leave the house until my mom put a hat on me when I was a toddler.  Guess my love for hats began early hehe.

Fall Slip Dress


How do you like to style your slip dresses?  Share below!  As always, thanks for stopping by loves! 🙂  Happy Styling!