On my way back home from Kenya, I made a pit stop in Toronto to visit my sister.  Because we live so far apart, we don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like.  So I jumped on the chance to spend some time with her before returning home.  The timing was perfect too because her birthday was coming up!

Toronto is such a fun city!  There’s so much to do and there’s no shortage of cute cafes and yummy restaurants, many of them quite Instagrammable I must say!  I definitely did not have enough time to visit them all.  No matter how much time I spend there, I never feel like it’s enough.  But I guess that’s a good thing because it’s better to leave something something for the next time, ya feel me?

My second night there, my sister, being the generous soul that she is, treated me to a fancy dinner at Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto.  And when I say fancy, I mean FAAANNNCYY!!  This restaurant only has 3 tables – can you say exclusive?  Kaiseki refers to a traditional multi-course Japanese meal and it’s as much a form of art as it is a meal. (I had no idea what it was until then!)


I wanted to keep it classy for the dinner, so I chose this navy jumpsuit from Zara (now on sale!!!).  I love the details of this jumpsuit!  The sash belt and ruffled bottoms add a nice feminine touch.  It’s conservative without being boring, so it’s great for any occasion, really.


I usually like to layer my jewelry but I decided to keep it to a minimum for the night.  Sometimes, less is more right? (or so they say!)  I added a silver bracelet to add a bit of sparkle and a pair of black lucite drop earrings by Alexis Bittar (similar here and here).  I have a slight (or major) obsession with all Alexis Bittar jewelry but I particularly love these earrings.  The black lucite makes them quite subtle, especially against my black hair but the crystals around the drops elevate them to statement pieces.  I kept my hair tied back and chose the Lady Dior bag to keep up with the classy theme, and voila, I was ready for dinner.


It was all good until I got hangry haha…

The dinner was quite the experience!   We shared some saké and I had my favourite Hojicha green tea with dinner.

Since the restaurant didn’t have a menu, we had no idea what we were in for, but each one of the 8 courses was such a pleasant surprise.  The presentation was beautiful and each dish was like a piece of art.  Scratch that, it WAS a piece of art.  Not only did it have great presentation, every dish was sooo yummy too!

Our dinner was followed by a traditional matcha tea ceremony (matcha is  my faveee btw!  Oh my sister knows me well!).  Kai, our server, prepared the matcha for us and explained the traditions of the tea ceremony.

After the ceremony, Chef Hashimoto (who also happens to be Kai’s father; the restaurant is run by the Hashimoto family) came out to greet us.  He told us about his background and the history of the restaurant.  Both Kai and Chef Hashimoto were so lovely.  They walked us out at the end of the night and stood by the door until we drove away. <3

Everything about the dinner was perfect.  It was such a unique experience and if you live in the Toronto area or are visiting, I highly, highly, highly recommend Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto.  It was pricey (thanks sis!!!!) but was so worth it.


with Chef Hashimoto and Kai 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by.  If you have a favourite restaurant in Toronto, I’d love to hear about it.  Comment below!